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Are you overcome with a feeling of stress or anxiousness, breathing deeply and fully is such an important and effective technique for putting your mind at ease. The power that your very own inhales and exhales hold can help quiet racing thoughts, and make you feel like a weight has been lifted off of you.

Pure Yoga Stillwater, MN.
Yoga Techniques
There are several basic and easy yoga techniques to reduce stress thru breathing here are just a few.

Simply sitting in a comfortable seat might not seem like it has that much to do with your breathing, but this pose is actually a great way to start practicing deep breathing techniques.

Sphinx pose is an incredible chest-opener, which is a key part of your body to work on when you're aiming to improve your breathing.

Flowing through a cat-cow sequence won't just feel like a luxurious and rejuvenating stretch for all of your muscles; it'll also allow you to link each of your fluid and slow movements with each of your individual breaths.

Bow pose is another great, chest-opening movement that really stretches out the front of your body, along with your throat and hip flexors.
Believe it or not, according to the online fitness resource STACK, your diaphragm and your hip flexors are indirectly connected to one another through various muscles in the body. So, if your hip flexors are tight, it can actually make deep breathing more difficult to do.

The playfulness of wild thing will take your mind off of any worries that are clouding your head space, and the heart-opening movement here will allow you to breathe as deeply as ever.

Along with the amazing physical benefits of opening your back, chest, lungs, and shoulders, bridge pose also has the power to calm your brain in an instant and in turn, relieve your stress, according to Yoga Journal.

In all of these yoga poses it takes time to become familiar with each movement. If you are doing this on your own understand it may take time to perfect each pose. In Stillwater, Mn. Pure Yoga has the instructors that can guide you thru these stages and help to achieve yoga mindness.

If you are an astute yoga practitioner and are seeking to take it to the next level, Pure Yoga offers Yoga teacher training classes so you can become a certified yoga instructor yourself.

 some of this material is reprinted from the website elite daily

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